How is Green Care beneficial?

The adaptability of the environment, the tasks and the use of a living medium, makes the different forms of Green Care hugely powerful for providing a wide range of benefits.

The benefits of Green Care have been shown to include both psychological and physiological effects. There is sound evidence showing that exposure to the natural environment can reduce stress, enhance mood and promote well-being.

Physiological benefits of Green Care range from passive association with green spaces to physical benefits via active interaction with the natural environment. The formalised approach of Green Care interventions uses the living medium of nature for therapy to encompass social, personal and educational skills development.

Green Care also gives people the opportunity to be involved in interesting and meaningful activities, to be part of a social group and enjoy its company, and to take part in a physical activity or exercise. This includes activities such as food growing or farming, which can also provide additional benefits such as a supply of healthy food.