Who can benefit from Green Care?

Green Care is used with people of all ages, and is effective for those with a disability, physical or mental ill health, and those with multiple or complex needs.

In the UK, adults with mental ill health and those with learning difficulties make up the majority of people benefiting from Green Care.

It is also used for people recovering from stroke and head injuries.  The largest increases in services in recent years have been in relation to dementia, and for those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), particularly ex-services personnel.

These case studies feature real life examples of people whose lives have been improved by engaging with a Green Care programme:

Mel: adult with Learning Difficulties, coping with the loss of her parents; now lives independantly and has a positive outlook on life

Trevor: suffered a brain injury that left him unable to continue his career; completed a return to work programme and retrained as a gardener