What is Green Care?

Green Care refers to structured therapy or treatment programmes that take place in natural surroundings and recognise the instinctive connection between nature and health.

Green Care Programmes are designed, structured and facilitated for individuals with a defined need to achieve clear patient-orientated outcomes and use a person-centred approach to increase the benefits and ensure safety.

The programmes involve the active and regular engagement of the individual with a range of meaningful nature-based activities delivered by trained practitioners to create a sense of achievement, personal responsibility and self-confidence and offer opportunities to learn new skills; by taking place within a social setting they also promote feelings of inclusion and belonging.

 This includes Social & Therapeutic Horticulture, Animal Assisted Therapy and Care Farming.

Green Exercise, Community Food Growing and Environmental Conservation are also included when the activities are delivered as a treatment intervention targeted at an individual’s needs rather than for the benefit of a general client group.

Green Care Umbrella diagram

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